Fallen tree near me cut up by my hoa.

I guess I should thank who ever cut up the good size tree that had fallen near 31 last week. Since it is Saturday and our Lawn service which we pay  only work  on Mon and Tues, I imagine the work was done by a volunteer or volunteers. I have the impression that there are many things according to our contract with our lawn service, that they won’t do unless paid extra money. Whoever did cut up the tree, he or they moved it to a convenient spot right by the walking trail and that would make it easier for our lawn service to pick  it up on Monday and haul it away.

I moved into this hoa from a big front and back yard  lawn

up on Long Island.  One thing I looked forward to in our HOA was for all of us members to pay someone to maintain our common grounds.  I wonder if you can understand why I get nervous when I see my HOA resort to volunteers to maintain our common grounds.

— sincerely and honestly, hank springer, posted 555pm 7 8 17



One thought on “Fallen tree near me cut up by my hoa.

  1. Glad your fallen tree got cut up. At least we did not have to pay for the cutting down part.

    Does anyone realize what we pay for around here for trees and their removal? Probably not since the hurricane.

    Well let me see if I can explain JUST some of what we paid for since last summer

    1)first we paid to pick up “the big stuff”. things like trees broken, etc, which were left with usually a four foot stump.(approximately $6000 in first thirty days) Anyone ever bother to ask the board why did a man with a chainsaw stop cutting down a broken tree STOP at four feet? cover under hurricane expenses

    2)Next we paid for those stumps to be cut down at approx. 4 inches”, just big enough to trip over. some paid for thru hurricane expenses and it looks like some not

    3)NOW the association wishes to pay an owner $10hr to grind below ground the left over stump.(per June Board Meeting) not covered, probably to be taken out of the rest of the special assessment we just paid $100 x 237 units = $23,700 spent $13,750 of that s.a. by last December 1

    We used to have a guy named Don’s Tree Service based in South Daytona, They are still in business. They charged us one time for taking a tree OUT. top to root.

    Just thinking out loud


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