Join the Ladies Club and influence your HOA board.

I make reference below to an article in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

As I understand my HOA’s issue , code enforcement of the City of Port Orange has put my HOA on notice to do the following: demolish our clubhouse, bring it up to code, or rebuild the clubhouse . The issue is a long story that goes back to 1978.  I spoke to one of the directors of my hoa this past week, and to my surprise, the ladies club had sent out a petition as to what to do with the clubhouse, and the report back to the HOA board was that the clubhouse should be rebuilt or brought up to code because the ladies like having their meetings in a clubhouse in our community.

Now, let’s be aware, that the status of the issue might have changed, because my hoa board has a tendency to change things in between monthly meetings.  However, in my HOA NEWSLETTER, I had been misled that my hoa board was bringing such a petition to my residence.  I was waiting for the petition, but of course it never came to me, because I am not in the ladies club.

I have been told that if you happen to attend my HOA’s ladies club event, a luncheon or whatever, be careful not to say anything negative or criticize the board, because your opinion might just get back to the HOA board, and it is doubtful if my hoa board can tolerate negative opinions of the board’s activities.

— sincerely and honestly, hank springer posted 1215pm 7 8 17

A woman has never been nominated to join the club. Why? see


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