HOA personality conflict

… Inevitably, the issue of personality conflicts arises in many communities.  Dealing with personality issues (as exhibited by board members, owners or both)….

more at http://www.floridacondohoalawblog.com/2017/06/26/how-our-national-political-discourse-parallels-our-community-association-discourse/?utm_source=Becker+%26+Poliakoff+-+Florida+Condo+%26+HOA+Legal+Blog&utm_campaign=2cc0a6c8f0-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5a9b4b59be-2cc0a6c8f0-72324201


One thought on “HOA personality conflict

  1. if the world honored honesty and integrity, our hoa would not be in the legal predicament it finds itself in.

    We have what we have because those with the power misused their power for their own ego and their own personal gains, whether it be prestige or something more material, and the other owners chose not to be fully informed about their rights nor what was going on under their noses.

    Those wrongly accused have no other options than to defend themselves at all costs or be put on the street.

    When those who chose to act in a less than proper way, and attempt to take from another who worked honestly and hard for everything they have, others will end up holding the financial bag.

    No matter which way the wind blows at this point WE ALL LOSE

    it did not have to be this way but when people work for their own welfare and not that of the community, whether it be local or national, united we stand divided we fall

    statement approved by council


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