Hank Springer does not approve the legal action taken by his HOA board.

The following e mail has been sent on 7 14 17 to my HOA board and my family:

I have heard that a lien has been placed on 107 CPR of about $25,000. From everything I have heard this all started out as a personality problem between two neighbors, which I think should never have become a financial issue for our HOA board and the community.

I am not impressed that at a special HOA meeting some years ago, 104 members attending supported pursuing attempted financial legal remedies to a problem between two neighbors, and perhaps probing questions into a land sale between our HOA board and a developer.

I understand that 107 never missed paying any assessment fees for HOA maintenance and assessment fees, except, perhaps on the advice of their lawyer not paying the legal fees accumulated by a lawyer acting on behalf of the HOA board.

Most of the community does not win in this contest, with perhaps the exception of two former board members. Lawyers make financial gain out of all this.  If the board’s attorney by chance prevails in a court of law, how does that make any positive consequence to the units I own in this association?

Instead, because of the board pursuing this legal nightmare, I see only potential negative consequences for this association. Already neighbors have been pitted against neighbors over something that should have remained a personal disagreement between two neighbors.

I hold my HOA boards accountable for the years of mismanagement of this issue.

Sincerely and honestly –  hank springer, a resident of this community for a quarter of a century.


2 thoughts on “Hank Springer does not approve the legal action taken by his HOA board.

  1. Hank
    The irony is the Shaffer Settlement Agrmt (tnx for posting) appears to support the Shaffers much more than the HOA as to who violated it. The last section appears to state Shaffer can say anything to anyone. The HOA will spend more $ benefitting its attys but unlikely to win against Shaffer.
    JIM LEONE 7/21/17


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