HOA Board meets one on one to “work on things”.

I have heard that at my HOA board of directors’ meeting of 7 13 17 that the secretary of the board admitted that the board is working on some things which cannot be discussed at this time.  The info that came to me is that the Secretary said that board members meet individually.

So what do you think? — hank springer, posted here 557pm 7 15 17


3 thoughts on “HOA Board meets one on one to “work on things”.

  1. I think that the Board is using every move they can to do things they do not want the other owner to know about.

    the most ridiculous thing is that the …. on the board that announced this publicly just admitted they are making decisions behind closed doors (illegal) and the board meetings are a sham. just a way to vote in open without admitting their minds were made up before any consultation of the ownership.

    The question and answer period (by the way the first time used was this month) is a total joke, and the JOKE is on the OWNERSHIP not the board.!

    R Shaffer JR


  2. I believe it would be a good idea if that is how the board conducts business, however it has proven not to be the way the board does business.

    Procedurally, the correct way would be for the board to openly discuss, at a open and properly called board meeting complete with a previously fully filled out posting agenda so that, every owner, prior to the meeting, would know what was going to be talked about.

    Then the board would debate IN PUBLIC, before a motion to vote on the act, the board should take iknto consideration, the thoughts and wishes of the membership. Then motion, then vote,

    right now the board meetings are just a rubber stamp that a few individuals who want and have personal agendas and are if fact telling their neighbors and “friends” that the boards want s and wishes are the only votes that have meaning, the ownership does not have a say

    the board comes to a meeting decisions already made in private, and makes their meetings look like a dog and pony show

    There is no democracy in sthoa just personal agendas and vendettas of a hand full of individuals that have complete control of the board.

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