My HOA hired a new Insurance Company. That is good.

I am told that at my HOA board of Directors’ meeting it was announced that my HOA has a new insurance carrier. That is good. I remember that after Hurricane Matthew hit my community, the insurance company we had would not cover any financial damage we had on common grounds.

I do not know how my board applied for an insurance claim with our former insurance company, but I hope that in any future claims the board will take pictures of our common ground damage, and file a claim in writing,including estimated cost of repairing damage.

— sincerely and honestly, Hank Springer, posted here 143pm 7 15 17


2 thoughts on “My HOA hired a new Insurance Company. That is good.

  1. Hank, they bought an insurance policy with NO WIND OR HAIL DAMAGE this means if we have a hurricane or tornado (BOTH WIND EVENTS) WE ARE NOT COVERED

    hey what the heck we are saving $200 a month or $2400 a year I guess they forgot we had to pay our lawn service $15,000 for hurricane clen up.

    Additionally I do not think it was the insurance co fault last year, WE FORGOT TO PAY THE PREMIUMS!

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  2. My HOA Treasurer has advised me the following:
    ….. We do not have, and did not previously have, wind and hail coverage. Premiums for such coverage is more costly than is feasible. We were advised by numerous agents to forego that additional coverage as a community such as ours is too difficult and costly to insure. Rather, we must maintain a fund for catastrophic events, which we now have in place since last year’s event. Though, that fund is new and currently sparce, it will grow with each budget year hereafter…provided we do not have a catastrophic event every year…


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