Speak up home owners in my HOA community . — hank

My son John and I have sent e mails to our HOA board, explaining our displeasure with the board’s continuing expenditure of  association home owners money to pursue legal action against 107 CPR.

One board member has graciously replied to us and perhaps a real ongoing discussion of this issue will proceed.

One point that came up, and I have heard this accusation for 24 years in this HOA, is that not enough people attend HOA board meetings to voice their opinions.

In the past year or two I have attended some board meetings and have noticed that most of the perhaps 34 people who do regularly attend hoa association meetings, are there to applaud almost every action the board puts on the table,including rearranging the parking spots at our community pool.

I do not blame people for not wanting to attend HOA board meetings and I do not see how association members not attending HOA meetings in any way induces this board or previous boards to make mistakes, some of which may be “honest” mistakes.

I urge association members who care not to attend hoa board meetings, not to feel blameworthy for what may appear to be apathy.  I can think of a number of good reasons for association members not to attend HOA board meetings.

However, we are in a new electronic age, and the time of difficulty communicating  with association members , to and from the board, are past.  E mails from association members to the board of directors are fast, easy and non expensive.

I predict very bad negative results for the already $25,000 of association money spent on pursuing legal punishment for the family which lives in 107 CPR.  Any bad judgement about this HOA financial pursuit will not be limited to the actions of this board and previous boards, but may very well be based on the apathy in this HOA community, which is not unique to only this community.

It might be useful for everyone’s self satisfaction and to feel good about one’s self, to weigh in with e mails to the board of directors about how owners feel about this legal financial cost going through the civil courts.

I am being realistic, having some understanding of human nature.  If you support the board in this matter, it may very well be that when you have a request to make before the board your request will be looked upon favorably.  Yes it is true, “We have to have rules”, but some rules can be selectively enforced.

On the other hand, it is my opinion that our board of directors have a difficulty really respecting opinions which do not applaud the actions of the board.  But for those who have voiced disapproval of forcing a family to sell their home to our HOA, I venture to say that you have earned your own self respect.

There is a trinity of sides in this issue. The board of directors, the homeowners, and the attorneys.

Speak up now using e mails to the board of directors, or forever hold your peace.

— sincerely and honestly, hank springer posted here 1211pm 7 15t 17


One thought on “Speak up home owners in my HOA community . — hank

  1. I have another way for the owners to be involved, come sit in the court room when the procedures happen and learn what your board did not tell you what was going on. Many owners know about the amount of damaging evidence 107 has on both past and present board members AND ATTORNEY LEANNE WAGNER and are not going to hesitate to use this information in defense of our speaking up for years of mismanagement by the board and their useless attorney. Come to court bring your popcorn and soda and sit back, by the way, do not forget your check book, you will probably need it. Make checks payable to Raymond J Shaffer 107 cypress Pond Road

    Ray Shaffer Jr


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