I stand Corrected: please see my correction — hank springer

My son John has given me good information that I will use to correct some of my previously erroneous specifics.

On Nov 1, 2016, my hoa president and 107 CPR took part in mediation in which certain specifics were agreed upon.  I have been incorrect in asserting that the arbitrator made a determination. More accurately this was an “agreement” between the two parties.

If I remember correctly the agreement was that 107CPR did not have to pay the accumulating legal fees of the HOA vs. 107CPR and that 107CPR would attempt to sell the unit and if 107 had no buyer, the HOA would buy the house for $85,000.00 by a certain prescribed date.

Once again, if and where I need correction in regards to this matter, please let me know.

— sincerely and honestly, hank springer


2 thoughts on “I stand Corrected: please see my correction — hank springer

  1. hank the agreement was for us to try to sell our property and if we did not sell it by June 1 the Board thru their attorney would contact us and do something called a far/bar sale, what ever that is.
    We asked for a renegotion of the agreement on May 12, 2017 . board refused and in a letter to our attorney Mr Mctague stated that our board did not want to talk to us, and two ALL DEADLINES STAND.

    By the end of May board made a decision and then apparently failed to act on it, and missed their own specified expiration date they themselves set thru their power of attorney John L:yon and their legal attorney Joel Mctague


    The board problem is the video and audio documentation of things that mostly Bill Roberts secretary and Leslie Tucker treasure say at board meetings legally video taped. They both ran their mouths, and this last week the NEW President Amber Reynolds did the same and tied herself to the sinking ship

    Time to finish this mess


    Regards and truthfully submitted.
    Ray Shaffer Jr


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