Society’s new mode and tool of communication. Here to stay. — hank

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Henry Springer· 1146am 7 17 17

Officer Doyle, thank you for this open communication tool you are having with the community. I realize that such an easy, fast and cheap tool of communication brings upon your agency an extra time consuming chore, but important as your work is, the increase flow of information to and from the communities is a big advantage to even improve the fine job popd has been doing safeguarding our communities.
I won’t go into it at this time, but I have first hand experience with a new tool of communication for a police department. In the 60s I was a one man communication radio dispatch center for the LI State Parkway police, and our teletype system was filtered and controlled by State Police Hawthorne. When the system switched over to allow agencies to communicate directly to and with other surrounding agencies (we had 39 agencies in two counties bordering our jurisdiction) the new work load was overwhelming for a one man communication center.
To the HOA members who are with us, how many of you have a communication tool like we have here to communicate and share information with your HOA board and your community? There are negative consequences when HOA boards willfully avoid using such modern communication tools such as this one. In my hoa we rely on info (and much of it is false) when we meet at the cluster of mail boxes, are at the pool, or walking our dogs and meet other dog owners. Not good! Thank you POPD. You are the best in all my years of experience with a host of police agencies. — sincerely and honestly, hank springer

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