The clubhouse in my HOA – 7 13 17

In my HOA’s board of directors meeting of 7 13 17, the hoa president spoke about what she called “the  community room” in the clubhouse. The board is working with the Port Orange City Planning and Zoning department  to discover how much it will cost to bring the structure up to code.  Therefore, no decision has yet been made (to demolish or to bring the structure up to code).  When the details are worked out with the city of Port Orange, and as to exactly what the city would require to bring the structure up to code, then a decision will be made to either demolish or bring it up to code.

The president asked us to be “patient”.

— hank springer, posted here 350pm 7 19 17


2 thoughts on “The clubhouse in my HOA – 7 13 17


    This comes from a president that has not been an owner only for a year and does not obviously know that we the owners have been without a clubhouse for THE LAST TWO YEARS!!! A YEAR BEFORE SHE BOUGHT HERE

    I wonder if she knows the nefarious circumstance in which the board closed the clubhouse without fanfare, a clubhouse that was used from 1976 until Jun of 2015 knowingly being used BY THE BOARD of Directors even though they knew the building was illegal.

    Well Ms President let me enlighten you, it was closed because the LAST PRESIENT did not want an owner to use the facility because that owner was bringing a political figure in and speak with the owners. THAT President, Mr Lyon, as well as the past two presidents knew the clubhouse was not legally built. but kept that fact from all unit owners!


  2. Yes Mr. Hatteras, the board wanted to still keep the code violation a secret as long as I sign a financial liability document and be responsible for the safety of any of our HOA members who might want to come, meet and greet a political candidate for Mayor of Port Orange. It is hard to forget. The attempt to continue the deceit about the clubhouse should not have happened if people on that board would have been ethical. BOD, board of directors = board of deceit.

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