Turn your cell phones of at HOA meeting –

In the July 13 2017 meeting of my hoa board the secretary asked all members attending to turn their cell phones off.  I can only assume that he did not want to hear the interruption of cell phones ringing in the meeting, and not that he was attempting to stop any audio recording  that an association member might have been operating.  The secretary’s cell phone is left on because with it he is recording the minutes for his notes, which I suspect he uses when composing the minutes’ document of the meeting.

— hank springer, posted here 1146am 7 19 17


One thought on “Turn your cell phones of at HOA meeting –

  1. Thank you hank I stand corrected, I thought I had heard Sec Roberts say and all electronic devices, I appreciate the clarification.

    I do have a question however, being the “recording” of the meetings is association property and not that of any one board member, when tape recordings are subpoenaed for any court action I wonder who will be in possession of all those emails when this years secretary is not on the board next year. How is the board suppose to go back and listen to any recording if it is on the personal property of a board member and he/she is no longer on board.

    There is court case law mentioned on Becker and Poliakoff that recordings of a board meeting are the possession of the association and can be subpoenaed for court actions

    There was a mention in my 2015 court case that the board keeps all copies of meeting recordings for the record, the Person who said this under oath, was secretary and recording secretary from 2012 thru 2015.

    , just thinking out loud again

    R Shaffer Jr


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