Challenging your HOA board of directors.

Interesting observation on another web site regarding HOA issues and difficulties:

Mary C

7/20/2017, 10:30:51 AM

I should add that you need to be prepared to take abuse from the officer you challenge: ad hominem insults, slanders, libel, false back-biting gossip and threats of lawsuit.

Do not respond in kind, but label such attacks as the petty temper tantrum rants they are.

Stick to policy and principle if you expect others to align themselves with you. But do not be surprised if some other owners just sit back and grin while the dictator rants on. That reaction is not just complacency. They have a “reality show” that gives them a sick kind of gratification. Vicarious enjoyment of a bully’s irrational lashing out at opponents is the kind of behavior that put a petty dictator in the Oval Office. Expect it from some of your neighbors and do not let lack of support from them deter you when you know you are in the right.



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