Large, expensive legal issue still alive in my HOA.

It’s July 20 2017, and still the board of directors of my HOA are pursuing a tragic, idiotic, expensive legal action to evict an 89 yr. old veteran and his son from our community. Can you imagine the professional news media headlines when this issue which has been going on for several years finally reaches a court room?  I had been told by a former HOA board director that what I publish on my social media accounts “hurts our HOA”.  Really?  It is my opinion that all the dirty laundry and hurt to this community is because of HOA board of directors’ mishandling personality issues, financial issues, and shoddy keeping of financial records and not maintaining its “clubhouse” up to Port Orange City Code.

Since my community is still struggling with these issues, and paying HOA attorney fees to do so, I think it would be useful to revisit


One thought on “Large, expensive legal issue still alive in my HOA.

  1. understand this, The Shaffer’s are not going any where. It is a fight to the death, no group or crooked individuals are going to take our home without a fight plain and simple.

    The comment here was AIRING THE BOARDS DIRTY LAUDREY, wait til you see how bad the dirty laudry is, fraud, self dealing, collusion by the accounting rim and the attorney!

    Next step ios criminal charges against the entire 2013 board, their attorney Leanne Wagner, and Atlantic Community Mgt for financial fraud. financial explotation of the elderly, we the hoa have spent over $100,000 documented dollars trying to cover up the 2013 over charging issue that bothe the board and their attorney knew about in April 2013

    Come get you some board we are more than ready

    Raymond J Shaffer Jr!

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