My HOA board of directors follows little rules and laws unless it wants to.-hank

So tell me where I am wrong and have a wrong perspective on the arrogance of not only this HOA board of directors, but even previous ones.

I understand that the clubhouse had been closed because it was not up to code and had no permit to stand from the city of Port Orange.

I understand that the HOA board of directors have not made a decision to demolish or rebuild the clubhouse up to city code standards.

I am not sure what architecture plans might have been submitted to the city of Port Orange.

But not withstanding all this, the board of directors decided to have a yard sale and store the items donated inside the clubhouse. I would imagine that some HOA volunteers used the clubhouse in this operation, going inside, depositing items, then taking items outside for yard sale use, and overnight during the 2 day yard sale, bringing the items back into the clubhouse.

If this is not arrogance, flaunting the laws of the city of Port Orange, then explain to me what is.

Not only that, consider what was published in our HOA newsletter, the town crier on 7 20 17.  Here is an excerpt from that publication:

“Congratulations to Summer Trees West on A VERY Successful Yard Sale!!
The entire community contributed to the success of our yard sale. Donations filled the club house and were too many to
keep track of. Volunteers met weekly to price & sort the donations. We had 30 volunteers work the actual sale on the 14th
& 15th. In spite of the hot Weather, we had a VERY good turnout. Water & food was donated to the volunteers. Many arrived
@ 5:30 am so we could be ready to sell by 7:00 AM for the early birds on Friday. On Saturday we arrived a little later as we
had less to present for sale. We have put the leftover items in the club house pending the City’s decision…. ”



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