Maintenance Assessment or Pay the HOA legal fees? — hank



2 thoughts on “Maintenance Assessment or Pay the HOA legal fees? — hank

  1. Lawyer is a (.. editor deleted adjective – hank springer the editor …..). Assessments were paid in full, acceding to public records. HOA instead applied assessment payments to its owm lawyers fees This is a corrupt practice. Everyone involved should be prosecuted.

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    1. As I understand this issue, 107CPR paid all regular and special assessments that had been levied on the community at large, since the family has lived in 107CPR. The selective assessment fees the HOA feels it can apply to one family is the $25,000. or more which the HOA boards have spent attempting to silence 107CPR. I am not a lawyer, but I see a direct attack by implication to the first amendment rights of everyone who lives in this HOA. Let us not forget that this same lawyer working for the HOA which I pay assessment HOA dues to retain this lawyer, attempted to silence me with a threat of $11,500 for making any comments or references to my HOA board. This is not America, this is an HOA bullying its association members by using HOA dues to pay this lawyer. Pay your HOA dues and shut up, or we will bring you to court. That is the message to all in my community. — sincerely and honestly, hank springer posted 6 16pm 7 23 17


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