HOA trespasssing when fishing in pond – 7 27 17

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Greg BowmanThe Palms at Cypress Head
Know your pain! We had a pitching mound that was 10 inches off the ground the most and 4 foot long.. was told to remove even though it was 75 feet from the road towards the back of the house. Built a stand to make a batting swing was threatened to be fined if we left it out and the letter came from the hoa attorney. And last we have been cursed at insulted and had the police called on us for fishing on common grounds, because they believed we were trespassing. All in Cypress Head!
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2 thoughts on “HOA trespasssing when fishing in pond – 7 27 17

  1. This article has nothing to do with my HOA. I referenced this article because it relates to possible HOA unreasonable rules and regulations. —hank springer 1028am 7 28 17

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  2. Hank if you think this does not happen here in beautiful sthoa, you need to talk with Jim Anthony and Bart Henke. they both have been told not to fish in the ponds, and both their answers were the same…lol

    Another point, check the minutes form 2014 where Sue Openheim stated multiple times at multiple meetings she wanted money for signs that said “use of bio-degradable hooks only” placed around the ponds

    I tried to explain to her all hooks are now bio-degradable by law, I was told by the board to shut up and let her speak, only pets of the board can speak


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