A little recant on the tip given to me yesterday- Let’s get this one right-hank

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I spoke by phone this morning 910am 7 28 17 and asked Ray Shaffer Jr. if he stood by the story he had told me yesterday about a former board of director having been arrested for vandalism and led away in handcuffs. I told him that the alleged arrested former director’s name does not appear on the Volusia County arrest record reports. Ray Jr. said he doesn’t know what is going on, and understood that the police were going to arrest said former director of the board. Ray Jr. said that he was not going to debate me about this issue but will look into it and get back to me later today.

This is a developing story and I feel free to report that Ray Shaffer Jr. had told me yesterday on the phone that he was a witness to the crime and that the niece of the victim was also a witness to the crime. I am prepared to follow this alleged incident to wherever it goes. This is the place to verify rumor information or to stop unsubstantiated rumors in its track.  Help me.  Please– hank

The name of a former board director who had been reported to me by Ray Shaffer Jr. as having been arrested 7 27 17 for vandalism does not appear on the volusia county arrest records for 7 27 17



2 thoughts on “A little recant on the tip given to me yesterday- Let’s get this one right-hank

  1. Hank, When are you going to learn that Shaffer Jr. is congenital liar. Yet you publish his garbage and don’t seem to try to check it out, confirm it with other sources or listen when
    some one disputes it. I hope you are learning.


    1. Bob, I listened to you three times, even when you wanted to have a conversation off the record.
      I have my own dissatisfaction with some of the HOA board issues, but I find that often they are dismissed and not worthy of discussing or correction, because it assumed that my issues are merely initiated by Shaffer Jr.s “garbage”.
      Joe Richotte wanted to explain to me all the negative things about Shaffer Jr. and I shoved him off, because at the time he wanted to explain Shaffer Jr. things to me, he was trying to rebound from his mistake of trying to rebound from his mistake of reading the threatening letter from the HOA attorney demanding $150,000 for every time I mentioned Summer Trees West on the internet, which you publicly stated goes out all over the world. After a public humiliation and attempt to stifle my first amendment rights, I had no desire to hear from Richotte all the negative things he had stored up about Shaffer Jr.
      Bill Roberts came to speak to me, off the record. The attempt to make me take financial responsibility and be responsible if any of our association members got hurt at the clubhouse, was not Shaffer’s “garbage”.
      The loss of financial documents from the HOA board is not Shaffer’s “garbage”.
      The secret of the clubhouse never having been “permitted” by the city of Port Orange was not anything I learned about from Shaffer’s “garbage”. In fact Bob, you had told me that you when you were president of the board you knew nothing about the dirty secret of our clubhouse. But on 3 11 2014, while you were president of the HOA board, and Betty S. was a member of the board, there was a discussion brought up at that board meeting about a bathroom for the clubhouse. You, Bob, got somewhat passionate and told Walter Rex not to open up a can of worms. Rex said we can build the bathroom outside of the clubhouse, and you explained that it would be too costly connecting pipes to the city’s sewer system etc. Rex replied that Bill Russel (the developer of Summer Trees West) had told him that he had gotten a permit. This was all a veiled discussion about the clubhouse never having been up to city code regulations, since 1978. Having this discussion in my files leads me to believe that you have not been honest with me about which board members have known the dirty little secret that the rest of us were not allowed to know.
      Betty S. was on the board in 2014, and having been present in such a board discussion, she should have known in 2015 and 2016 that the clubhouse was not up to code when she had two block parties at the clubhouse, events that you yourself Bob had attended. Who then signed the 7 page document provided by the HOA board to me, taking financial responsibility for a party at the club house as well as signing to be responsible for the safety of everyone attending that block party in which my daughter provided and bar b q franks and hamburgers for our neighbors? This was none of Shaffer’s garbage.
      Now Bob, instead of dismissing my public opinions as coming from Shaffer’s garbage, why not correct me where you think I am wrong. I have attempted to squash rumors that are not true in this community association with little help from the HOA board and its supporters. Instead I think I have been depicted by board loyalists as having no mind of my own, and just follow lock stock and barrel everything Shaffer Jr. has told me. Even as in this last incident where I have publicly berated Shaffer jr. for trying to start a false rumor, here you are Bob accusing me of accepting all of Shaffer’s garbage. I am here to tell you that there have been issues of Shaffer Jr. which I have not entertained. My publication of negative issues about our HOA boards can always be addressed and rebutted on my social media outlets. If I do not allow a free an open debate about these issues, I would be ashamed of myself.
      I seldom speak at HOA board meetings because I realize that what the HOA board loyalists do best, is to label people as “them against us”. So therefore I keep my comments in reserve and print them on my social media outlets, where they can not be misinterpreted by board loyalists at the mail box, the pool, or meeting other dog walkers on our community paths, or even at a Ladies’ club meeting or luncheon.
      Only once did I speak at an HOA board meeting when “proxies ” were being discussed. Kelly and Betty teamed up, doubled up to explain to me how honest the use of “proxies” were. What I failed to get of my tongue was that two secretaries of the board, Donna and Betty refused to take my voting ballots unless I signed proxies and gave it to them.
      One of the problems I have seen inherent in our boards, is to try and explain negative issues by dismissing them as either Shaffer’s fault or as being issued orientated by Shaffer and any one communicating with him.
      Even now Bob, instead of applauding me for outing Ray Shaffer jr. on his latest false rumor he tried to start, you see only the need to once again blast me for not having a mind of my own. Whatever comes from Hank Springer should be dismissed because he communicates with Ray Jr. This is not Shaffer’s garbage, this is HOA board loyalists garbage.
      Were you told that at an HOA board meeting which I attended and you did not, that the secretary of the board told us that the President of the board does not listen to Bob Rhein. Would you be surprised that such things are said to selective people in this community.
      The board has mostly called for “radio silence” in answering any questions posed by Hank Springer. The secretary sent an e mail to selective board loyalists stating his displeasure at having to answer any of my questions. When Betty S was once again running to be elected to the board, I posed the question that Betty S should answer a question, which was when did she learn about the dirty little secret about the clubhouse. I thought it was relevant because I do not think I want to vote for any one to the board who had participated in hiding this secret from us. The clubhouse has been closed for a year and a half, and that is not due to any of Shaffer’s garbage. The Secretary berated me for daring to pose such a question to a candidate for the board of directors, explaining to me that Betty S. is a good Christian woman, and if I pose such a question to her, he would quit as secretary.
      Bob, you still want to put me as a ditto head marching to the drum beat of Shaffer jr. when I just had the golden opportunity with my social media which you detest, to out Jr. on this latest rumor he wanted to started.
      In this latest incident, because of my publication, I did get cooperation from board loyalists or at least Richotte’s loyalists and it helped me nail the coffin on this latest false rumor which was nipped in the bud by me with help from people in the community. I say to the community, do not be afraid to discuss issues with me, because contrary to what you have been told I am not a Shaffer ditto head. I am my own man, with my own mind. I will always listen to you, but I may not agree with you, but want so much to show that I am fair minded enough to agree when I can.
      Some weeks ago, I asked to meet with the secretary of the board before I published another negative issue about the board. In the morning he refused to meet with me. Later in the evening he called me up and said that he was now willing to meet with me. I asked him what changed his mind, and he told me that he had first thought that I wanted to talk about the Shaffer problem and he would not talk to me about the issue. I told him not to bother meeting with me but I asked him when am I going to get that petition the board is sending out about the clubhouse. He told me the board had no such petition. I told him that the news letter said such a petition was being sent out, and he repeated to me that the board was not sending it out. I told him the notice was in the red box. Finally, I guess he was exhausted and told me, that petition was being circulated by the Ladies club and the board has nothing to do with it. In the news letter, which I understand is not published by the ladies club, but is published by the board, there was no mention of the petition being distributed by the ladies club. Once again, only select people are in on the real information and especially not the people who are ditto heads with Shaffer. I am still waiting for that petition to come to my house.
      Bob, for 24 years I have avoided the board of directors. In the last year and a half I realized that I had to pay attention to what my board is doing. Is it ok to say “my board”, and is not Summer Trees West MY community? From all tht I have been learning in the past year an a half, I think it can be said that I cannot lay claims to my board of directors, my HOA attorney, and my Summer Trees West. Opps, there goes another $1,000 for putting in print on social media “Summer Trees West”.
      Bob, you are incredible – sincerely and honestly, hank springer


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