I want the truth, the whole truth, so help me God – 7 28 17- HOA tip.

I will be working today to get to the bottom and the verification or non verification of a tip given to me by someone in the community. The tip was and is, that a former director of our HOA board had been arrested for vandalism. A reader has condemned me for not printing the name of the tipster.  I guess I could just write that the tip came from “a source” but since today I will be working on getting to the bottom of this tip, and such an investigation by me will lead to the “source’s” affirmation or denial, I hereby declare that the source is Ray Jr. and I see no reason why I cannot come to verification of his tip, or non verification of his tip.

As I understand the tip, there are four people who can verify or tell us the real story in this incident. This kind of incident is at the heart of many of the things that are wrong with this HOA community.  I do not rest to see that only special individuals know the real truth about many issues, including this one.

If you think I shy away from revealing truths, help me on this one.  The real truth in this tip will not be allowed by me to be repeated only at mail boxes, the pool, the ladies club, or when meeting people on our trails when walking our dogs.

Those who are in the know about this alleged incident, are free to tell the whole true story to me, by phone, 386 852 3178, e mail poimages@outlook.com, or by making a comment at https://portorangebolo.com/2017/07/27/unverified-tip-in-my-hoa-7-27-17-posted-231pm-hank/


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