Police report – vandalism – rock hit window in my HOA

I have viewed the Port Orange Police Department report of a window damaged by a rock in my HOA community, dated 7 27 17.  No suspect is named in the police report.

It would appear at this time, that the tip given to me (Hank Springer) about a former board member being led away in handcuffs by the police for this vandalism was false information. I cannot verify the information given to me by Ray Shaffer Jr. at this time.  I am disappointed that Ray Shaffer Jr’s  personal feud with a former board member has gone to this length. At this time, I can only conclude that Ray Shaffer Jr. had lied to me.  When Ray Shaffer Jr. told me about this alleged arrest of a former board member I had asked Jr. if I could publish his news about this incident. He had told me yes.

Thank you all who have helped me determine that the breaking news which I published turned out to be not reality.  The fact remains that Ray Shaffer Jr. fed me a vicious narrative, even claiming that he saw the former board member taken away in handcuffs, even claiming that he and the niece of the victim homeowner were witnesses to the act of vandalism.

There were no witnesses mentioned in the police report, nor a suspect. I can only conclude at this time that the story was made up by Ray Shaffer Jr.  I am disappointed in Ray Shaffer Jr., but am glad that with some help from community members and the Port Orange Police department, I could get to the bottom of this story.

104 Cypress Pond Rd. did experience a rock striking a window of the house, but it seems that all the rest was diabolically made up by Ray Shaffer Jr.

— sincerely and honestly, Hank Springer – posted 406pm, 7 28 17



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