Spoke to former board director – Denies any involvement in rock throwing allegation.

Today at 1015 am, 7 28 17 I spoke with the former board director who was alleged in a tip to me by Ray Shaffer Jr., and said former director denies any involvement in throwing a rock at a neighbor’s window, and also told me that no police came to question him, arrest him, or give him an appearance ticket.

Ray Shaffer Jr. told me today 7 28 17 that he was going to the Port Orange Police Department to get a report that Ray feels should be on file in the police department.  I told him that I would like to see such a report, dated 7 27 17 and not 7 28 17.

Please understand that I have long resented in my community false rumors spread at the mail boxes, in the pool, Ladies Club or on the walking trails when people with dogs meet other dog walkers. We have a formal organization and an informal organization, and I recognize both as having deficiencies. We can expect that with people, but we don’t have to tolerate it or be silent about real information being dispensed to a select few, or false information being spread by the informal organization.

— sincerely and honestly, — hank springer, posted 1028am 7 28 17



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