My HOA needs to take better care of common grounds.

To the owners of units summer trees rd 1 to 48 I suggest the following:

We need to get our HOA board to pay more attention to our common grounds, if we want to keep our resale or rental possibilities at a good value.

Because our wooded area off our walking paths are now somewhat very mature with palmetto bushes, some dying, many untrimmed, large weeds growing upward like Jack and the Bean Stalk, including the walking path leading to the lake, our common grounds are taking away from the units that are well maintained.

I do not think it is enough to have a lawn service which seems to only cut the grass and trim the grass edges.  Our bushes,trees, and palmettos have been in many areas neglected. If I am asked, I will go out and take pictures to prove what I am writing.

At the same time I feel a need to opine that I do not think we are getting a good financial return from the attorney who advises our HOA board.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I think our association has number of outstanding assessments overdue payment, some with years of not paying.

I am of the opinion that our HOA board has to rethink the funds needed to better maintain our common grounds, and to possibly find a new lawyer for the association.

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