Paid Lawn Service needs volunteers to help out in my HOA


In the Town Crier, a newsletter of my HOA association, it was written on 7 20 17 : “Workmen’s Comp covers medical expenses of volunteers doing grounds work.”

In my HOA we have a lawn service which works two days a week in our HOA on our common grounds. It seems like the lawn service, cuts the grass (but grass is not growing too well), blows the sidewalks, and edges the walking paths from grass growing over them.

Last year, being as there is no agenda published for association members regarding what will be discussed at a Board of Directors meeting, I had no opportunity to research our HOA lawn contract.  A director announced at an HOA meeting that it is time to consider the up coming renewal of our contract with our lawn service and he motioned that we give them a $2500 raise and two weeks off around Christmas and New Years.  The lawn service works two days a week in our community.  And the board voted yes.

I moved into this HOA community expecting that all of our members would pay for our lawn service to keep the community looking nice so that our resale values on our home would not decline.  However, if one looks at many of the bushes adjoining our walking paths one will see palmetto bushes dying, overgrown, not trimmed and full of vines and weeds growing entangled around the bushes, reaching up to the sky like Jack’s beanstalk. I would expect that if any unit in our association kept such decaying bushes on their property the HOA board would require them to clean it up.

I have a real problem with my association attempting to maintain our grounds with volunteers. Need I explain any further?

In addition, there are still stumps of cut down trees from Hurricane Matthew.  Remember, last year?  And correct me if I am wrong, but we paid our lawn service extra money to cut down trees that looked unsafe after the Hurricane.  I can’t dispute how many trees were really unsafe, but quite a number were cut down to the size of stumps.  Now the lawn service has agreed to ground down to the ground, the about 40 stumps that are on our common grounds, for the price of $17.00 for each stump.

The whole thing does not sit well with me.

And correct me if I am wrong, but I have heard that our former grounds director had done paid worked for this lawn service, on our grounds.  The same director who motioned for a $2,500 a year raise and two weeks off around Christmas time for our lawn service.  Does my displeasure with all of this have any merit?  Where my details are not correct, please correct me.

sincerely and honestly –  hank springer

posted 905pm 8 1 17



2 thoughts on “Paid Lawn Service needs volunteers to help out in my HOA

  1. at the last board meeting the board authorized another $595 for stump removal,

    I would like to know how many times we have paid to cut down each tree, first they cut the top part and leave a four foot stump, then we pay again to make that four foot stump a six inch stump and now we are going to pay again for removal of that stump.

    The treasurer stated two meetings ago that they wanted to pay an owner $10 hr to cut up stumps he supposedly did 50 , they counted 250 stumps, and now we are going to pay gails $17 a stump and he is only going to do 35 stumps THIS TIME what’s wrong with this picture

    After the hu8rricane we spent 13750.00 in clean up, the other 9000 we got charged was SUPPOSED to go into a savings account for future emergencies.(remember the 23,750.00 special assessment, the one that our treasurer stated at the first installment that everyone paid the first installment on time, and then this last month the treasurer states that 24 people did not pay their whole assessment)

    So what did our board do, they put the money in the general fund, they did not buy wind or hail damage insurance when they bought insurance last month. they were so proud they save us $200 a month bravo Treasurer!

    the only smart thing they did was get workman’s comp, but wait, did we not have that four years ago, why yes we did, to cover our lawn company, REALLY NO B/S then they let that insurance slide by the way side

    but hey, we all just go to the meetings for a social; gathering and pat the board on the back for doing a fine job. who cares about specifics

    WE NEED A REAL MANAGMENT COMPANY AND NOT ATLANTIC put the job of running this business like a business in the hands of a professional and get it out of the hands of the ladies club

    I DARE ANYONE TO ASK FOR A COPY OF OUR FINANCIAL REPORTS, they will probably sue you for interfering with their business, what are they hiding

    the reports come out every month by the 10th bet you a hundred dollars you will have to go to a courtroom to receive a copy


  2. If anyone has corrections to make on the hatteras comment, please do send corrections. I cannot verify all the details. This web site is for a discussion and correction of details if needed. The treasurer had sent me an e mail telling me that insurance for wind and hail damage to common grounds is too costly for our HOA to have such coverage.
    I do agree that we would be better off having a professional management team run this HOA. At least I think it would be easier to get accountability from the paid professional management company. Right now we have volunteers on our board of directors and we dare not criticize them or expect accountability from them. — sincerely and honestly, hank springer

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