Can people with good intentions tolerate monkey business in their HOAs?


When was the last time my HOA had an out side audit of the financial records?

I wonder where the oversight of our Board of Directors is?

I have been told that a recent former director was not allowed to see HOA documents because the board did not trust her. This to me is outrageous.  The former board of director was asked about this by me, and she did not deny the allegation.  I told this former director that I would never vote her again to be a director on my HOA board, because I think she failed all of us who had voted for her.  So, here is the place to clear up these kinds of stories.  Not at the mail box, not at the pool, and not meeting other dog walkers on our paths.

See a national monthly report on monkey business in HOAs at


2 thoughts on “Can people with good intentions tolerate monkey business in their HOAs?

  1. over the last four years, owners, a few of us have asked to have an audit done on our hoa financial situation and each time the same individuals that have run the board and their accountant have stated that it would cost too much, “trust us” THEY SAY

    SUMMER TREES HOA HAS NEVER I REPEAT NEVER HAD A FORMAL AUDIT OF ANY KIND FORENSIC OR INFORMAL ALL WE GET IS A BASIC STATEMENT FROM ATLANTIC, even their yearly reports state on the first page their financial statements have not been audited and are only a columniation of our financial situation. in other words ITS A BIG GIANT GUESS WHO BY THE WAY ACOORDING TO THEIR OWN WEBSITE HAS LOST CLIENTS OVER THE LAST THREE YEARS, I WONDER WHY

    Our board for the last several years say consistently “but trust us we are spending your money wisely, trust us, just trust us!”

    We the affronted owners asked in 2012, 2013 and 2015 to do a basic audit which would not cost much money, the accountant along with certain individual board members in charge for the last ten years told the owners it would cost us over $100,000 to do a basic audit. and the elderly ladies club said oh that’s too much! THATS BULL!!!

    WE had a board member in 2015 after seeing inconsistent financial reports asked for an audit, she was shouted down and became the plague of the 2015 2016 board.

    I can tell you one thing, the last condo I owned, when the previous board refused to do an audit stated it would cost us way too much money for an audit we did not have for over 15 years, we found gads of fraud and mismanagement when we the honest owners gained control over the old guard and did an audit.. Not saying that is going on here but persons who are in charge refuse time and time again to do an audit,

    only an idiot would say “ok, I trust you carry on” well I do not want to call all the owners of sthoa idiots but…….

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  2. to continue, I find it interesting that a board member, as I returned from my attorneys office yesterday afternoon, asked to speak to me in the parking lot of my home, I gave HIM a business card of my attorney and said if he has anything to talk to me about, call my attorney, I am not longer speaking with anyone form the board

    time was approximately 145 pm 8/1/2017 on cypress pond road

    I find this move very curious

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