FRAUD   Location:2995 SR 44   Business Name: CHEVRON ZONE

Date: 8/1/2017 Time: 1729   Invest Asgn:
Header: FRAUD   Location:2995 SR 44   Business Name: CHEVRON    ZONE:52

R-1 BOLES,DANIEL L …………….. 2995 SR 44 NEW SMYRNA FL 32168

Deputy Cloutier made contact with (R1), who is an employee at the aforementioned business. (R1) advised he inspected the exterior portion of the pumps at approximately 1400 hours and no signs of tampering were found. At approximately 1700 hours, (R1) checked the pumps again and noticed the security tape on pump #6 showed VOID and appeared to have been tampered with. (R1) turned the pump off, and checked the interior portion of the credit card reader and discovered a device which appeared to be consistent with a skimming device. Deputy Cloutier removed the skimming device and later placed it into the VCSO District 3 south evidence locker as evidence. (R1) was unable to provide access to any security footage at the time of the incident, however will contact his supervisor in the morning and access the video. Case is continued for further investigation.


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