Pretrial conditions for Domestic Violence – 8 1 17 VCSO

Date: 8/1/2017 Time: 1826   Invest Asgn:   
Header: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SIMP   Location:      Business Name:    ZONE:53 

Deputy Cloutier responded in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival contact was made with W-1. W-1 told Deputy Cloutier he was a passenger in the vehicle with S-1 and V-1 as they dropped him off. W-1 explained the two were arguing inside the vehicle at which time he witnessed S-1 push V-1 with an open hand in her face. W-2 also witnessed S-1 and V-1 arguing when she exited the residence. W-2 told Deputy Cloutier she saw S-1 strike V-1 in the face with his hand. W-2 said she encouraged V-1 to exit the vehicle and stay with her; however V-1 refused and told her she loved S-1 and wanted to stay with him. The two then drove east on Volco Rd continuing to argue. Deputies attempted to call V-1 and S-1 via cell phone however was unsuccessful. Deputies ran both V-1 and S-1 through the computer and discovered S-1 had been previously arrested for battery DV on V-1 and pretrial conditions were in place. (NO contact with V-1). Deputies had V-1’s phone pinged, which showed it was in Orlando / Kissimmee area however no specific location was able to be located. District 2 Deputies checked 2 addresses for S-1 in Deland, however all attempts failed. S-1 and V-1 are cohabitants and reside together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Deputy Cloutier completed a 707 charging affidavit charging S-1 with Violation of pretrial conditions and battery DV. The affidavit was passed on to day shift for further attempts to locate S-1 and V-1. Case continued


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