“protected class” of people in HOAs – 8 2 17 – HUD law

I am not a lawyer, but I have the suspicion from what laws I read that my HOA board sometimes mis interpret HOA statutes. I point to tow HOA secretaries refusing to take my voting ballot unless I turned over a  signed proxy form to them.

Therefore, before there might be misinterpretation about a new HOA requirement , let me point out that the requirement applies only to “protected” class of people.

The new HUD law states:

“….  Under the Fair Housing Act, a protected class includes race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status and disability/handicap. In the past, if an association resident harassed another association resident, the association’s board or community manager may have viewed this as a personal issue, which would not be within the association’s scope of responsibility to investigate/address... ”

I would say that this opinion does not mean HOA need get into every neighbor vs neighbor pursuit.  In my opinion, (Hank’s)  not getting involved in disputes that do not contain a “protected class” is good advice for HOAs.

see more at http://www.condo.hillwallackblog.com/hud-releases-final-rule-related-to-discrimination-in-community-associations/


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