fraud – “Sweepstakes” would be paying her $30,000,000.00

  Date: 8/1/2017 Time:   Invest Asgn:   
Header: FRAUD   Location:     Business Name:    ZONE:31

Deputies responded in reference to a fraud complaint. Upon contacting V-1, Deputies determined from approximately May of 2017 through July of 2017, V-1 had sent approximately a minimum of $100,000.00 in cash and cashiers checks to subjects claiming to be with an unknown “Sweepstakes” group. V-1 stated she drained several IRA and bank accounts in order to pay for this. V1 believed this “Sweepstakes” would be paying her $30,000,000.00 as promised when she was initially contacted by the group in April of 2017. Deputies collected financial documentation from V-1 for further investigation. This incident was also forwarded to DCF due to V-1’s age and lack of family assistance with her financial matters. This incident was turned over to East Side Detective Unit. 


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