when a lot is at stake, emotions can often run high

…..Courthouses are where our fellow citizens go to resolve conflicts and settle their affairs peacefully. The cases are as different as the people involved in them. But the stakes can be quite high. You can lose your kids, your money, or your liberty in court — sometimes all three. Court proceedings can affect your most valuable possessions and your most fundamental rights, leaving many people feeling stressed and uncomfortable. Some people respond poorly to the stress and act out or become violent. Others are in court precisely because they have been violent. Unfortunately, the potential for bad behavior and violence is ever present. In today’s environment, bad behavior is all too predictable…..

…  when a lot is at stake, emotions can often run high, causing some individuals to become angry or violent….

read  more at http://www.news-journalonline.com/opinion/20170730/judges-raul-zambrano-and-terence-perkins-courthouse-safety-demands-big-changes


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