– pay the bills – and keep our traps shut – 8 4 17

….And, to those arrogant few elected and appointed officials (and the power brokers who control them) who look at public service as a personal enrichment scheme, and, worse yet, refuse to accept constructive criticism from their constituents – tough shit.  My readers and I aren’t going anywhere.

Read, learn, grow….

…. You and me?  Well, we’re just supposed to accept Dinneen’s “explanations” – pay the bills – and keep our traps shut.  (Not that we were provided an opportunity to provide input on the issue anyway…..

……Then, doing his patented Edger Bergen impression, our doddering fool of a Council Chairman, Ed Kelley – who told us all that he would no longer accept ambush-style, off-the-agenda shenanigans by fellow officials and staff – now says, from the other side of his mouth, “I don’t have a problem with this one.”…..

(hank butts in – I don’t think we have a published agenda for our HOA association members before HOA board meetings which are open for association members in- put — correct me if I am wrong –  hank springer 8 4 17)


……Also, if you are a resident of Ormond Beach and aren’t receiving Ms. Shanahan’s weekly review and staff report – you’re doing it wrong.  This highly informative newsletter comes out each Friday and is chockfull of information important to the life and health of our community.

It’s called transparency and open government in action – and it’s incredibly refreshing……

(hank springer interjects, again — my hoa board might consider instituting a similar feature available through e mail to HOA members who might be interested in keeping informed – 8 4 17)

…..Vice Chair Deb Denys, quoted in the Daytona Beach News-Journal, preaching to the choir about how County Manager Jim Dinneen continues to press the true, behind-the-scenes, agenda….

read more at https://barkersview.org/2017/08/04/angels-assholes-for-august-4-2017/


One thought on “– pay the bills – and keep our traps shut – 8 4 17

    720.303 AND 720.306

    but you know this hoa, the law is just an informal formality, only a guideline when it fits certain purposeful subjects

    law to be used only when it fits certain persons agendas


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