My HOA case to force a father and son to move out.

The son,( part owner of the residence I am led to believe), told me that his father and he have no plans to sell their house to my HOA.  My HOA has already spent a lot of money on attorney fees, in its war against this family.  I think my assessment fees have already paid $100 to my hoa attorney in a legal case towards this family which even if my HOA won, will not benefit me in any way what so ever, but I can see that it might be a warning to others in this HOA not to ask probing questions or criticize my HOA boards.  My HOA has already attempted  to violate my first amendment rights and thus I find it difficult not to follow this other contest.

As I understand it, a neighbor of the son in question has an injunction against the son.  Let us be clear about this. Although I had been told by a secretary of the board of directors that the HOA had an injunction against this individual, that info was not true or correct.  My HOA has never had an injunction against this individual.  The injunction was and is between a neighbor and a neighbor, and I think that is the appropriate place for a problem between neighbor and neighbor. I mention this injunction because in the coming week there will be another hearing about this injunction in a court room.  If one neighbor wins in this injunction court case, it is no defeat or win for my HOA board.

I will say it once again.  My HOA had no business stepping into a neighbor vs. neighbor conflict.  My HOA in my opinion should swallow the mistake that was started by previous boards, and just drop the whole thing of trying to force this father and son to sell and move out of our community.  It is no business of my HOA and I for one do not want to see my assessment fees going to lawyers happily involved and being paid by my HOA with all of our assessment fees. I would venture to say that neighbor conflicts will probably arise everywhere, and I imagine that some HOA board loyalists are happy to see someone in trouble, but that’s the way of elementary school kids.  The issue now with my HOA board is that it had promised the members in my community that the father and son would pay all the legal fees mounting up by the HOA board’s attorney.

To my board of directors.  Stop it and do not continue with this Alice in Wonderland attorney playground.

To my board of directors, after 23 years of ignoring what you have been doing, it now becomes too difficult not to watch you get us all in debt about something you had no business getting into.

— sincerely and honestly –  hank springer  posted 741pm 8 5 17


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