Neighbors’ Dispute – HOA stay out of it! — hank springer

I understand that there is a FAR/BAR legality in regards to my HOA attempting to force one of our HOA families to sell their house to our HOA.  I understand that within this Far/Bar legality a contract should enforce that “time is of the essence”. I also understand that my HOA did not move with a contract to buy,  missing the July first deadline.  Now it is Aug. 5, 2017 and as far as I know no buy contract is in effect. All of this might be leading to emotional distress, if not for the family involved, but those members of our HOA who see this legal bully attempt to force someone out of our community unless he pays the HOA’s legal bills in its attempt to take away a house from a family as a threat on all who might question HOA board activities.  I am not a lawyer, but I really believe this four year legal battle has been benefiting no one but the lawyers involved.  This all started out from what I know between a neighbor problem of two people and escalated in questioning certain activities of the Board of Directors after the board join forces with one of the disputing parties, and from what I can find out, based claim to a legal offense because one neighbor was a “nuisance”.  I would sure like to be  corrected where I am wrong, but the response that the HOA had to take legal action because of whom one of the disputing neighbors is, does not fly with me.  My HOA should have left the problem between two neighbors alone, and if and when a crime were committed in their dispute, the problem should have been brought to the Port Orange Police department or as was done an injunction applied for which was approved by the court.  But the HOA stepped into something it had no business doing. —

—- sincerely and honestly — Hank Springer, posted 129pm 8 5 17



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