HOA board meetings with association members are private?

In my HOA communication to association members, placed in our association red top mail box is an announcement of a regular board meeting for 8 10 17.

In such notice there is merely an agenda outline:

officers reports

director at large reports

committe reports

unfinished business

new business


Also in this communication is a note  which reads as follows:

Note:  This is a private business meeting in a private facility.  ALL cell phones are to be turned off.  ANY recording of these private meetings must be requested in writing.  Taping of this meeting without board’s approval OR without knowledge of attendee is ILLEGAL and thus prohibited.

I , Hank Springer would like to comment:

  1. How private are these board meetings which are mandated by Florida Statutes?
    a. A VFW hall is a private facility?
  2. Perhaps we use to hold meetings in a private facility, when we used our clubhouse, which at those times was not legally permitted by the city of Port Orange.
    a.  237 units in my HOA are allowed by law to attend these meetings.
    b.  Is it my HOA board intentions to make sure that the exact words spoken at board meetings not be recorded, but to rely on the board’s interpretation of whatever they think they had said at a board meeting?
  3. I, Hank Springer had some months ago requested per HOA board’s protocol, in a certified return receipt letter to audio tape HOA board meetings.
    a.  The board did not have the courtesy to reply to me in writing.
    b.  The board sent to my home, a member of this HOA community, a person whom the board had “demonized” at a public board meeting, to tell me that the board has given me permission to audio tape record the meeting, and I need not apply for permission before every HOA board meeting.
    c.  Further more, this “demonized” person was among three who were publicly “demonized” at a board meeting for communicating with a member of this HOA association.  The three who were publicly “demonized” included Hank Springer.

This is the place to correct me if correction is needed.

posted by Hank Springer 804pm 8 8 17


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