letter to the editor , News-Journal – VCSO needs a raise

…What makes them think that they deserve to be paid more than the people who protect us, when all they do is refuse to listen to the people who elect them on most issues they face? Dinneen wants to build a $200 million courthouse, a stupid new Boardwalk extension, raise our taxes for road repairs, buy overpriced properties for parking lots, etc. — but he says we can’t afford to pay our deputies a competitive salary?

I say Dinneen should take a 50 percent pay cut, and the County Council members should reduce their salaries by 25 percent, and that money should go toward our deputies. And then we need to examine how it came to be that the county manager and the council think that the manager should be paid more than the vice president of the United States.

James Martin

Ormond Beach

read the complete letter at http://www.news-journalonline.com/opinion/20170808/letters-what-makes-them-think-that-they-deserve-to-be-paid-more-than-people-who-protect-us


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