voice activated tape recorder – 915pm 8 7 17 to 622am 8 8 17

Active voice tape recorder of #Volusiacounty police radio scanner, air one channel, from 915pm 8 7 17 until 622am 8 8 17.  Earliest entries on the top:

915pm start tape

26xx south atlantic,  daytona beach shores – burned patient –

1004 pm time check (in service or out of service? air one)

1030pm time check (in area of deland airport)

vermont coming up to claire – looking for a dark vehicle , GA tag – vermont and the blvd. – a suspicious vehicle driving around with seemingly no intent, pulls into Wendy’s – this vehicle a silver vehicle –

1115pm time chec k – isb and the bolvd. –

1150pm back at aviation

port orange – reckless driver – 12f –

454 am back at aviation

air one in service 606am

special detail

cleared detail back in service 613am

617am at aviation

622am – end tape



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