Shut up Hank. Pay your HOA dues and be quiet. 8 9 17

I just had a face to face conversation with a former board member.  And guess where it took place?  — At the mail box cluster.

I will give you my interpretation of our conversation, and of course I will let that person publish on my web site, his interpretation of our conversation.  I expect his interpretation to be different from mine.   And, furthermore, I will give him the last word on what our conversation was about as he recalls it.

  1.  This person accused me of slandering the board by bringing up issues about our HOA board without researching the facts first.
    a. I responded that what you want to do is silence me like the HOA board attempted with the board’s lawyer , by demanding of me $150,000 for all the times I had mentioned the brand name of our (my?) association.
    b. I responded by asking did I ever not publish your rebuttal of my interpretation about our HOA .  He replied that he doesn’t have the time to read all of the stuff I put on my web site. He added that many people in my community know that I am publishing lies fed to me by RS Jr.  (I did not reply with my favorite answer –  “Oh yes, I get my issues from RSJr. Mussolini, Hitler and Lucifer”
    c. I said to him, what you are asking is for me not to bring up issues about my HOA board on my web site  which I think need to be answered, but instead discuss these issues at the mail box cluster, the pool, or when meeting people when we walk our dogs. He replied that I first need to check my facts.
    d.  I asked him to tell me what issues have I brought up for questioning which he would have liked to rebut.  Well, he said  that I had replied to him on my web site, that he and I had met to discuss an issue that he thinks should not be brought up, three times. And he argued that we had only met 2 times on that issue.  I repeated the 3 times that we had met about an issue he is especially sensitive about. After my explanation of our three meetings he complained that I was making a big issue of how many times we had met. I kid you not.
    e.  I pointed out and recounted a number of issues which I had made public, and he told me he did not have a problem with a lot of those issues I had thought were mistakes by my HOA board.  I kid you not.
    f.  But on one issue he was specific about me being wrong – He said that on May 11, 2013 when a board member brought up a discussion about a bathroom at or near the clubhouse, and this guy was president at that time, that when he said “don’t open up a can of worms,” he was not admitting that he  had known then that the clubhouse was not up to permit.  And that at a later time in our dizzy conversation he said that people keeping quiet about the clubhouse was for the good of our association. (I should have replied to him that nothing good came out of keeping that dirty little secret from Association members. ) He told me that when he had replied to the board member suggesting that we have a bathroom  built “Don’t bring up this can of worms” that I should not interpret that as him knowing that the clubhouse was not properly permitted by the city of Port Orange.  (I should have asked him when the board member replied that Russel {the developer of our community} had said that he the developer did get a permit, that he, president of the board at that time, did not wonder what he was talking about.
    g.  I invited him to come to my house and look at the video I have of that conversation at a board meeting of May 11, 2013, or would he rather have me publish it on U tube?  He proceeded to explain to me, because he had been a realtor, the difference from building something up to code as opposed to having a permit for the structure.  I replied, oh– you are talking about the Poe barn Russel had built –  He answered me that such a name for the structure was a lot of nonsense.
    h.  I got the impression that in an odd way, this guy was giving in to the mistakes of the past, but that they should not be questioned out in the open.
    And that brings us to how it was attempted by my HOA board to sucker me into a financial liability which I refused to accept.  But –  no more of that, please.
    i.  once again he explained to me that because RS Jr had lawyers send letters to the board of directors, they had to answer by way of the boards’ lawyer. (Over $25,000 in legal fees by now).  I pointed out that when a lawyer sent me a letter demanding I pay the HOA board $150,000 I did not run to a lawyer.  And once again, he said, well I told  you that I think the board had handled that the wrong way.
    j.  I asked him if it were true that a number of people, including him, right after the injunction hearing today, went down to the Port Orange Police Department and filed trespass warnings against RS Jr.  He said it was.  And so, I might ask is this something I should not put on the internet, something that we are all suppose to keep secret, just among ourselves, at the mail box clusters, the pool, or when meeting other association members when walking our dogs. I don’t think HOA board loyalists would have any problem of me explaining that how the board can react if you are not careful.
    h. throughout all these issues I sense from board loyalists that I should keep my mouth shut, and not bring these issues up on an internet web site.  I do feel like the loyalists of the board of directors want to thread on my First Amendment rights.
    i.  I have heard from someone on Nextdoor neighbors that she did not want to read anything that I might post there, “airing our dirty laundry” out on the internet.  I asked her why she does not simply mute me on Nextdoor neighbors, or is it that she wants to silence me.
    j.  he complained that I was ruining the resale value of our homes. I replied that the board has already done that. Of course he was a realtor and would know about those things.  I can agree with him on that.  Perhaps it is time for the board of directors’ to meet with me and see if we can proceed with new issues in a way that will satisfy me and the board.  I am open to it. Have you ever gone on the internet and googled complaints about HOA boards?  I get a steady stream of google alerts sent to me by e mail from google alerts. I think there is one story a day of HOA issues in news media articles.  Lawyers are making a lot of money on HOAs.  Look, it goes like this. In an HOA we have to have rules, and the more the better.  LOL, but pathetic.

sincerely- hank springer, posted 754pm 8 9 17.

Bob , write in and I will let you have the last word –  hank


3 thoughts on “Shut up Hank. Pay your HOA dues and be quiet. 8 9 17

  1. “he complained that I was ruining the resale value of our homes”

    This is really all a person needs to know about the kind of neighbors you have. They would rather leave the problems with the HOA unpublished so that the future buyers of their homes are not able to research and make an informed buying decision, than try to get them fixed while they live in your community.

    It’s rather sad.

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  2. Hank,
    What a misleading headline! Your dues, which I assume are current, never came up at our
    “mailbox meeting”. Also I never said shut up. I did say as I’ve said to you before that I
    felt any comments you have about our HOA should stay in our community. That’s my first amendment right. I did say you do and have put statements out that aren’t truthful and you
    didn’t check facts before publishing them. Your opinions are one thing but false statements are another. I also said I didn’t agree with some of the Board’s actions particularily the letter re $150,000.
    With regard to RSJr and his neighbor and the Board. The neighbor was not even on the Board when RSJr. began harassing the Board in 2012. He kept asking questions of the Board and our accountant. we gave answers many, many times and spent countless hours
    doing so but he wouldn’t let up.He is a bully and as you’ve learned makes things up.
    After a while he began hiring attorneys and the Board had to respond through our attorney.
    I’ve lost count but he’s gone through a number of them. Don’t know if he fired them or they fired him.
    So in a nutshell RSJr. began all this in 2012 and is responsible. The Board didn’t go after him
    he came after every Board since 2012. When the neighbor got on the Board in June, 2013 he told the neighbor that he,RSJr., was going to take down the Board and the neighbor too. Before that the two had been neighborly. By the way the Board nor their attorney has represnted the neighbor or spent any money on that conflict. It is a separate issue.
    So your opinions are up to you but please check out any facts you use.


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