940PM 8 9 17 thru 446AM 8 10 17-police scanner recorder

940PM 8 9 17 thru 446AM 8 10 17-police scanner recorder

The following is from my voice activated police radio scanner:

Earliest entries on the top of the radio log entries.

943pm – police unit in contact with missing 9 yr old in a park in daytona – check to see if rescue is needed for his asthma – all the assistance provided in searching for this youngster is appreciated and cancel bolo – rescue requested to check out the youngster – south daytona police radio scanner – juvenile being transported home –

need another unit to help search for a juvenile who may be emotionally disturbed – #portorange police radio scanner – 14 to 17 yrs old – in a complex (apt?) -white female, heavy set wearing a short pink shirt – maybe 14 yrs of age – black and orange back pack – bolo at china bistro and BJs parking lot –

report from halifax hospital daytona – sex assault happened at 21xx palmeto , #southdaytona police radio scanner –

1xx moonstone ct – #portorange police radio scanner – noise complaint –

williamson and airport report of an accident with a deer – #portorange police radio scanner

5xx gertrude lane – hears voices in back yard and dogs are barking – police radio scanner –

3943 nova – unit out with a suspicious vehicle – #portorange police radio scanner

22xx golfview dr. noise complaint – #southdaytona police radio scanner

405 bannana k – narcotics complaint – #southdaytona police radio scanner

39xx oak crest circle – noise complaint

wendy’s s ridgewood ave –  male on bicycle refusing to leave – #southdaytona police radio scanner – trespasser called 911 and said he is not leaving because he is up set with his order – restaurant party  reports trespasser threw food at them and currently trespasser is trying to pry open the drive thru window –

5xx lafayette st – male had been making suicidal threats – has weapons in the home – well being check – #portorange police radio scanner – emergency radio traffic for this call – unit reports subject has barricaded himself – 115 am – 8 10 11 – “he turned all the lights off ” – more police units responding – trying to get a phone number for suspect and have him come out without a gun – “put the gun down, do not come out with the gun, put your hands up in the air and get on the ground – do you copy?” (this I heard on police radio, maybe instructions for unit that has telephone contact with suspect, or perhaps a loudspeaker coming over the police radio?) – one secured – 146 am

2 am time check 8 10 17

214 am time check 8 10 17

222 am time check 8 10 17

229 am time check 8 10 17

248 am time check 8 10 17

victoria gardens apts. nova #portorange police radio scanner – 2 knocks at his door, someone running , no one seen –

air one requested to respond to Ormond for car breaks – #volusiacounty police radio scanner – suspect vehicle of car breaks – air one to search for – suspect vehicle out of #ormond silver 4 dr vehicle – stolen vehicle – suspect in a car break – last seen s/b from mm 265 on I95 – silver hondy –

time check 317 am 8 10 17

air one stand down – “they don’t know where it went to” #volusiacounty police radio scanner

319 am – emergency traffic on LE 3 is clear

320 am – stolen vehicle possibly got off I95 at mm 265, s/b

tropic shores hotel – his wife is not breathing – #daytonabeachshores police radio scanner – female is elderly –

audio tape recorder stopped at 446am










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