barricaded subject – lafayette st – 115am to 146am Port Orange

From my voice activated tape recorder – 8 10 17 – 115 am to 146am

#portorange police radio scanner

5xx lafayette st – male had been making suicidal threats – has weapons in the home – well being check – #portorange police radio scanner – emergency radio traffic for this call – unit reports subject has barricaded himself – 115 am – 8 10 11 – “he turned all the lights off ” – more police units responding – trying to get a phone number for suspect and have him come out without a gun – “put the gun down, do not come out with the gun, put your hands up in the air and get on the ground – do you copy?” (this I heard over police radio, maybe instructions for unit that has telephone contact with suspect, or perhaps a loudspeaker coming over the police radio?) – one secured – 146 am


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