Restricted Web Sites or Face Book pages for my HOA

Good morning neighbors in Summer Trees West, #portorange .

How many in our community would like me to post news of our community on a new web site maintained by me, which would be restricted to only Summer Trees West residents?

Such a web site would be capable of an on going discussion among our HOA residents, of issues that they are interested. This kind of web site,or face book page would not be available to read except for STW association members.

I am considering today the details of such a web site, including the number of STW people who would be needed to sign up for such a web site to make the effort worthy.

Such a news and discussion group could be instituted on Face Book if the majority of sign up people might prefer that format. There is a face book page which is a closed group, and that face book page posts news and discussions about crime in the Ormond Beach area.

I am also considering running a web site restricted to STW residents which will post notices and news from STW board of directors. No discussion forum will be available on such a web site. I imagine that for this web site, a secret code name would be assigned to board members which will enable me to have security to prevent an unauthorized e mail notice to be published on this web site dedicated to board members postings. No one other than board members, or whomever they might like to authorize can have their postings published on this intended board web site, including me Hank Springer. I,Hank Springer would not want to be considered in any way as a board member, committee member or any other designation which might denote that I am some kind of an official in our HOA. Perhaps it is proper to consider this web site for the board as a complimentary web site maintained by Hank Springer as Atlantic Management is now providing for our HOA.

There are other options available to consider when it comes to a web site for our board of directors, such as enabling whom ever the board choses, to post directly into this web site managed and instituted by Hank Springer.

Both endeavors would be free, contributed as a public service by Hank Springer with the understanding to continue unless I Hank Springer change my mind, or unless sickness and ill health befalls me.

I invite any and all on the board to come to my residence to discuss this proposal.  My sons Robert and John will be here starting today 8 10 17 and they can be very helpful if we want to start such a project as proposed.  I do not now how long either sons will be here in STW.

We can give it a try and see how it works out.

Send me e mails if you think such an arrangement would be advantageous to our community, or if you have other ideas.

This whole idea is tentative at this time and I reserve the right to withdraw this offer, especially after speaking to my sons about this proposal

sincerely –  hank springer posted 553am 8 10 17



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