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Nina ChitrenHensel Hill Estates
We bundle phone, internet and tv with Brighthouse/Spectrum. My bill has gone from $142.45 to $158.82 to $180.68 in the last 3 months. We would love to switch to another provider…..I was thinking of AT&T/Direct TV, but online it says they only do tv in our area of Pheasant Run Ct. W.

Anyone have success with another service?

Thanks for any and all input.


2 thoughts on “spectrum 8 11 17

  1. I use an HDTV antenna for over the air stations. 1 time cost of about $30
    I bought a ObiTALK VoIP adapter 1 time cost of $50
    I subscribe to VoIP service for $80 a year. Calls(hundreds of minutes a month allowance), voicemail, numeric caller ID, and E911 service at a low annual rate. There are multiple companies that offer this.
    I only pay Spectrum for internet service each month.

    Much of what’s on cable TV is now also available using an internet connection and a monthly subscription. I use NetFlix and Amazon Prime video along with YouTube.

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