Sometimes – problems in HOAs – 8 13 17

…..Just about every one of these so-called communities also has at least one renegade or “trouble maker” that challenges the authority and policy decisions of the board or council.

Occasionally, that owner can be just as unreasonable as his or her board member rivals.

Personalities clash. Power struggles ensue.

Board members have the legal power of the corporation, and the collective funding of assessment revenue to their advantage. That is why it is common for conflict between boards and owners to result in scores of nasty violation notices, imposition of fines, voting restrictions, punishments such as banishment from recreational facilities, and even threats of foreclosure.

Such action upsets most residents. One or several decide to dig in their heels and fight back. Typical responses include: public protests covered by local media, creation of websites and social media platforms opposing the board and council, and, of course, lawsuits….



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