My HOA Town Crier of 8 20 17

excerpts from our HOA Town Crier publication: 8 20 17

(Phase I, II, II-A, II-B)
A 55 and Older Community

…..Most of the STW will be mowed every other week, driveways will be sprayed, weed whacking and
tree maintenance will occur every other week. Finally, work schedule(s) will be altered to better maintain our Bahia grass
while addressing secondary work tasks in a timelier manner. One example, parts of the total grass cutting area may not need
weekly cutting. Especially, if growth or rehab of damaged areas is the desired outcome. Thus, grass cutting time is freed up
to do some of the secondary tasks…..

…..The STW pool is beautiful and doing well. All permits are up to date….

…..Actual earnings from the yard sale were $1350. Funds
were generated to support rehabbing the existing clubhouse upgrades. The Board of Directors continues to work with City
of Port Orange officials to bring the clubhouse up to the required minimum standards for use. As required by the City, an
architect has been hired to proceed with minimum standards for use…..

…..The second Special Assessment installment was due by June 20, 2017, (25 outstanding)….

posted here 8 17 17 at 1203pm


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