is there an alternative to Spectrum? 8 18 17

found on  8 18 17

Michael SnyderHighpoint Acres
We cut the cord in March. We purchased an Android box (M12 Pro EZview) from a vendor at the Home show at the Ocean Center. It takes a little while to get used to. Sometimes you have to hunt for a ball game, but you get used to where to find them. You can watch tons of movies from the past and present. Just about any show that was on the major networks. News from any state. Plus HBO and Starz. There is also an app where you can watch live TV. Since it runs on your internet Wi-Fi you can access facebook or the World Wide Web. We didn’t start watching “Last Man Standing” until the last season, but now we can watch every season. I thought we would miss cable, but we don’t. Now our monthly bill is $65.00 for internet verses $210.00 for a bundle package. But be prepared to get a call from the cable company. They offered us a new promo, we held firm and said no thank you. I hope you find something that is right for you.

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