My HOA is rethinking the cable service in our community

The following was found on nextdoor :

Denise Hoeckel·21h ago

As far as I know, there are 2 providers in our area (which is crap) Spectrum & AT&T. Spectrum is so overpriced it’s outrageous, we were paying Brighthouse $53 a month for AWESOME internet, for the exact same thing we now pay $80, we don’t have cable it’s a luxury nowadays. AT&T what a joke, first off they tax you to death, the taxes are nearly as much as the bill, and AT&T uses DSL where Brighthouse/Spectrum uses Broadband. AT&T is back in the stone age with their internet speeds. Because they’re only 2 providers in the area, Spectrum can charge as high price as they like, because they know we all need internet services & they’re only 2 choices. Port Orange is ran by a bunch of morons lining their pockets, it’s not a living community, it’s a tourists attraction for what I have no clue…Bring in COMCAST Spectrum & AT&T wouldn’t know what hit them!
posted here 1101am 8 18 17

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