A nasty woman on twitter – explanation by hank 8 18 17

On twitter some one called “a nasty woman” posted an anti trump opinion naming all the Democratic well known people.  I guess she wanted to irk Trump supporters and put out a list which I take it are the people who wear the white hats.  That definitely is her right, but I countered the fanatical list by combining the names she posted in pairs, and since Bill Clinton was prominent on the list  I paired him many times with other greats on the list, as being together in the room just outside the oval office.  I lived through those times and  years leading our nation right up to impeachment and it all had a profound effect on  me.

There have been a few people telling me that they would not follow my twitter or web site unless I keep my opinion to myself and restrict myself to referencing the local Port Orange area news.

Oh, for God’s sake, time is precious in this world, and if you find my opinions grating on  you, by all means don’t follow me and go somewhere else. I don’t mean that sarcastically.

For the record, I am a NPA and think both political parties are evil, and they are supported sometimes with an almost religious fever.

The list that was published by “nasty woman” was a little long, and I might suspect that in various tweets as I paired off the many as being with Clinton in the room off the oval office, my original purpose was lost in the twitter feed.

I have been told that Ken Starr was a pervert, and Clarence Thomas made an unseemly joke about some hair on top of his soda can.  Do you remember that joke going into a senate hearing?  I do.

In summary, let me point out what this nation already knows.  Party loyalties are thinned skined, and are quick to jump to the conclusion that a counter argument of persuasion against party fanaticism means that such a debater is the enemy of the party.  Ok if that is what one wants to think, but there are alternatives to being either Republican or a Democrat. I am a proud NPA – proud to be a NPA  No political affilliation.

That may be hard to accept these days, when everything is judged as either black or white, (no racial hatred intended – please, give me a break!)

So  perhaps I should even up the score into a level playing field, which I have been told is the proper way to have a contest.  Donald should take the news media, one by one and have it out in the room outside of the oval office.  When McCain is feeling better, and I hope he does, this great hero of our nation, Donald should have a heart to heart talk in that room off the oval office.  Bush and McCain might also have some beers together in that room and explore what went wrong in Iraq.  The two might even invite Hillary into the discussion since she was for the war in Iraq.

Someone even questioned me if “it’s all about you, isn’t it”?  Yes of course, it is all about me, and it has been for 80 years. Most people just ignore what I have to say, unless I opine about religion, and make statements which seem to indicate I am supporting one party or the other.  You are free to ignore me, and I like it when you object to what I have to say.

I am a proud NPA, having left the Republican party 10 years ago.  I had been a Republican since the age of 18 up to the age of 70.

I could apologize for ticking off some of my readers, but “frankly dear, I don’t give a damn”.  My publication is free, and you are entitled to take it or leave it.  I like it that way.  Enjoy your freedom. Protest when you want to about my opinions, correct me when I am wrong (and boy sometimes I make some big mistakes), offer suggestions, keep silent if you like, go read the NY Times (which I still do), and be a Democrat or Republican, and enjoy your right to follow what you want.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you. I myself like a deep discussion or even a debate.  Did you ever watch Christopher Hitchens debate?  What a treat such debates were for me. I miss Hitch.

One last thing.  I love it when the news media keeps harping on Trump and how bad he is for the nation.   They may be correct, time will tell. Oh,if only the news media could have been so hard with past presidents and future ones (if this nation survives).

I am aware that Trump seems to want to silence his critics. And I am beginning to think that such a tactic is becoming an epidemic.

If it is all getting to hard too hard to listen to, I can understand that, and my advice would be to tune out for a while, or forever.  None of us would miss you, because when it comes right down to it, it is all about us, or at least me.  Don’t you know?

sincerely and honestly –  hank springer posted 858pm 8 20 17



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