Clubhouse in my HOA 8 20 17

My HOA has stated that it has sent a request for a permit to build a clubhouse. I cannot find anything posted about a permit being filed in the City of Port Orange.
I will be searching the following links every day:

I have seen nothing come to Planning for a clubhouse in Summer Trees, you can look up permits by address from this web page


2 thoughts on “Clubhouse in my HOA 8 20 17

  1. My understanding from the August meeting is the Board is working with an architect/engineer
    to investigate what is required to bring the clubhouse up to city approval and the costs to do so. A permit is down the road.

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    1. Thank you Bob. My understanding was that the board has filed for a permit, but what the board is seeking was not disclosed at the HOA board meeting. But perhaps you might know. I would think porta johns would not be allowed allowed by the city. — hank 9 15 17


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