Fatal stabbing in Greenpoint where I was born & lived 13 yrs.

posted here 612am 8 20 17

I remember this park well- My parents and I lived on Russell St. on the north side of the park and my grandparents lived on Russell St on the south side of the park. My grandmother took me to kinder garden in the school but I only last one day because I did not like it. In the park was a statue of some guy on a horse which had big exposed big genitals. My mother and her 2 sisters were young and showed me how to use the camera.  They were posed underneath the horse, all giggling and laughing.

I had never known the name of the park.  We just called it the Russel St.Park. Now I read the park was named after a Monsignor .

I was maybe 5 yrs old and in the darkness of early morning, each morning, my mother sent me to the grocery store on Nassau ave. to get three rolls, 3 cents each.  The clerk knew what I wanted,but if Mom wanted something extra the clerk could not understand what I was asking for. (my speech problem) He asked my mother to send me with a note if she wanted each morning something more besides 3 hard Kaiser rolls.

I toured Greenpoint about 6 years ago.  The neighborhood was still nicely kept and there looked like a young hippy smart crowd of people walking on Manhattan Ave. and a few stada babas walking among the young.  Carrying leather shopping bags of course.

…..Carroll, 42, was walking with his spouse near McGolrick Park around 9:30 p.m. Friday when they passed two men sitting on the steps of a school in Greenpoint, cops said Saturday….

read more at http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/fatally-stabbed-nyc-man-killed-argument-stranger-article-1.3425569


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