suspicious incident – chevron gas station – rt 44 NSB – vcso

Date: 8/19/2017 Time: 0243   Invest Asgn:
Header: SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT   Location:2995 S.R. 44, NSB   Business Name: Chevron Gas Station

Deputy Wooleyhan observed a gray in color, 2017 Chrysler mini-van bearing FL tag DFXU91, later identified as a rental van at the closed gas station’s fuel pumps. He further observed a male using a flashlight around the pumps. The vehicle drove away as Deputy Wooleyhan entered the parking lot. Deputy Wooleyhan drove past the pumps the vehicle was parked at and noticed the anti-tampering labels did not match the others. Based on recent skimming devices being installed at such businesses, Deputy Wooleyhan initiated an investigative stop.

The vehicle was occupied by three subjects, identified as Victor Cervantes (Driver), Jesus Ponce (Front passenger, and Imer Sanchez-Mejia (Rear passenger). The subjects advised Cervantes and Ponce flew into Miami on 08-19-2017 (Flight tickets were accounted for), rented a van (Rental agreement accounted for), picked-up Sanchez-Mejia, and were on their way to New York. Cervantes needed to use a restroom and they wanted to take the opportunity to fill-up (Vehicle’s fuel was ¼ full). They found themselves pulling into the only gas station around, which was closed, but attempted to use the fuel pumps anyways. Ponce advised he used the credit card provided by his boss to attempt to fuel up, but after several attempts he could not get it to work.

When questioned about the strange travel arrangements, they explained they lived at and worked for Hudson Valley Duck Products in New York and were bringing Sanchez-Mejia to live/ work with them. The subjects explained that Sanchez-Mejia was an illegal immigrant and was unable to fly without proper identification.

The subjects provided verbal consent to search their vehicle, which revealed several bags of used clothing and personal items consistent with their story. The search revealed no signs associated with the installation of skimmer devices or anything illegal.

FI cards were completed on all. Deputy Wooleyhan will have day shift follow-up with the business during working hours to identify if the different anti-tampering labels are legitimate.

O1- Victor Cervantes, H/M,….. , 49 Schoolhouse Rd. Swan Lake, NY
O2- Jesus Ponce, H/M, …., 49 Schoolhouse Rd. Swan Lake, NY
O3- Imer Sanchez-Mejia, ….., 49 Schoolhouse Rd. Swan Lake, NY

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