Did he lose the money or was it stolen? It’s complicated.

Date: 8/21/2017 Time: 1321   Invest Asgn:   
Header: MISCELLANEOUS REPORT   Location:1371 Tivoli Drive, Deltona

V-1 advised three weeks ago, he withdrew cash from Wells Fargo Bank on 08/04/2017. V-1 stated S-1 was traveling with him in his vehicle. V-1 placed the cash in a fanny pack and put it under the driver’s seat and exited the vehicle at the Post Office. V-1 advised when he got home with S-1 and retrieved the fanny pack the cash in white envelope was missing. V-1 asked S-1 if he took the cash with S-1 replied no. V-1 searched S-1 and was unable to locate the cash. V-1 is uncertain if he lost the cash or if it was stolen. V-1 was unable to provide any further information on S-1, which was related to his wife who would not provide any information on S-1. Case Status: Active


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