Met her on face book – stayed 4 days with him- stole his Sony

Date: 8/21/2017 Time: 1107   Invest Asgn:   
Header: LARCENY   Location:868 Saxon Boulevard, Deltona

V-1 advised S-1 was met on Facebook in June. V-1 stated S-1 was kicked out of her residence and he offered for S-1 to stay with him until she found a place to live. V-1 advised S-1 stayed with him from 08/10/2017 to 08/14/2017, at which time she was picked up by an unknown white male. V-1 noticed after S-1 left the residence multiple Sony Play Station units were removed from his bedroom where S-1 was staying, without his permission. V-1 and Deputies attempted to contact S-1 via telephone which yielded negative results. An attempt to contact was made at the last known address for S-1. The 707 affidavit was left for following shifts to attempt to locate S-1. V-1 was able to provide a serial number for one of the Play Stations, which was entered into FCIC/NCIC as stolen. Pawn Data search yielded negative results. Case Status: Active


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