HOA boards are out of control – oppressive tyrrany at its worse.

Posted on Nextdoor.com by Heather:



I wanted to take a moment to thank the vigilante neighbor causing us to remove our oh so conspicuous “old school” and “handmade” tree swing. We used to enjoy sitting out front meeting our neighbors, taking compliments for the abundance of curb appeal that we have given to the home in the year and a half that we have lived here. Of the five oak trees in our yard, this front tree is the only sustainable tree for the swing. It is awesome to know that we have that ever so watchful eye targeting good, clean, fun entertainment for my children and their friends. So again, I want to thank you for focusing in on the only unsightly thing that needs attention in the neighborhood.


Hank Springer to Heather, on nextdoor.com

I am glad that some common sense has reached your board of directors in you hoa. Sounds like a compromise and I think such is a step towards some rationality in the board’s thinking.


Petty HOA issues like yours, according to the internet, seem to be proliferating all across this nation.  It seems to me, that public exposure of these frivolous HOA concerns is the cheapest way to attack the irrationality found in some HOAs.  When I went public, my HOA attorney sent me a letter of demand for $150,000 informing me that my HOA name is a copyrighted, brand name, and that I could not print the name of my HOA on the internet unless I pay royalties of $1000 for each time I printed the “brand” name of my HOA .


My family responded to such a legal threatening in an offensive way.  We could not find out at a board of directors’ meeting who on the board had voted to authorize the HOA lawyer to send me such an intimidatory missile.


My family responded to this challenge of my first amendment right, three fold of more which the HOA board detests. —– Public exposure of some of their activities.


It should not be surprising, that some on the board of directors retort echoes “What is wrong with this man? or perhaps now it is with this “family”?


Last week in an e mail a member of the board of directors called me “an old curmudgeon”. I have been called worse.


My issue is one and a half years old, and I suspect some directors of the board can’t understand why I just don’t let this malicious perturbation fade away. The reason I find it difficult to move on is that I see such stupidity in two other community instances are going to court at the financial cost to us association members already having paid the HOA lawyer somewhere over $35,000.  The beat goes on, until the board of directors comes to realize how in some ways it is not contributing to the peace and harmony in our community.


The light of truth is still an unwelcomed consequence to some HOA boards’ mistakes. You did the right thing in going public about your unnecessary harassment, and I suspect we will be reading on the internet and in the news media more such concerns.


The best to you, and thanks for speaking up about a wicked tendency which we all should be disturbed about.


— Sincerely and honestly, hank springer posted on nextdoor.com, 1111am 8 28 17

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